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News on Ukraine!

The Mission Committee agreed to donate $400 from our budget to PDA’s humanitarian work in Ukraine.  Susan Krehbiel, Associate for Refugees and Asylum noted, “When we first started responding to Ukrainians in 2022, we made the commitment to stay invested for at least 5 years. We work with both national organizations based in those countries and international organizations with local partners. Many people with basic needs are internally displaced and there is more and more work to support people with emotional and spiritual services as well as with employment, language classes and developing new enterprises.  The last is a model where business training is followed with an opportunity to apply for seed funds to start the new business.  Both of the projects that we are supporting in Ukraine are focused on women!”

On April 24, the U.S. approved another bipartisan aid package to Ukraine. Nastja Tuz, the woman from Kyiv who spoke at our forum last fall, wanted to convey her thanks: I saw the news about the voted aid to Ukraine. I'm crying. Thank you for this. It is very important for us, because it means lives for us, the lives of thousands and millions of people. Russia is attacking us every day - they are killing people, destroying infrastructure, wanting to wipe us off the map. We are holding on, but it is very difficult. Thank you for extending a friendly helping hand in these extremely difficult times, for not forgetting about us. We will not survive without you.  I thank every American, I thank the American politicians who supported the bills.  Here is an image from our social media. God Bless America! Glory to Ukraine!”

All of Maryland’s US Senators and Representatives voted in support of the aid.  Please thank them!  Senator Van Hollen, Senator Cardin, Rep. Sarbanes, or a link to email your Representative is on their website.

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