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Diverse, committed, welcoming

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Midway between the urban centers of Washington DC and Baltimore, 

the church is a diverse, thriving place where all the people of God welcome each other to worship, to serve, to grow, and to experience the joy of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Inclusivity Statement

At First Pres, we are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community. We affirm that every individual, regardless of race, gender, and sexual orientation, is a beloved child of God. Our church strives to create a safe space where all are valued, respected, and embraced, and where the diversity of God’s creation is celebrated.

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We are PC(USA)

The Presbyterian Church (USA), abbreviated PC(USA), is a mainline Protestant denomination in the United States and is the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country, with roots back to the colonial era. The PC(USA) is more theologically diverse than other smaller, more conservative Presbyterian denominations. PC(USA) allows ordination and full inclusion of women and LGBTQ+ individuals.  All are welcome and encouraged to contribute their gifts!

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