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Black History Month—Music at First Presbyterian

During Black History month, music at First Presbyterian was focused around Black composers, musicians and traditional spirituals.

As well as singing many favorite spiritual hymns, the handbell choir presented pieces based on spirituals; The River (arr. Anna Laura Page) incorporated I've Got Peace Like a River, and Give Me Jesus (arr. Hart Morris) was a medley of the spirituals Give Me Jesus and I Want Jesus to Walk with Me. The Chancel Choir sang some choral favorites such as William Dawson's setting of There is a Balm in Gilead.

We also had our worship enriched by the phenomenal talents of Alexandria Crichlow and Simone Brown in February. Ms. Crichlow was the featured soloist in Keith Hampton's True Light. Her rendition of Ride On, King Jesus (arr. Hall Johnson) was thrilling and filled the hearts of all who listened. Simone Brown was the featured soloist for Mark A. Miller's I Believe, a powerful setting of text scrawled on cellar walls where a Jewish family was in hiding during World War II. Ms. Brown also sang an incredibly moving version of Deep River, arranged by the late Moses Hogan.

It was a true pleasure to have both of these phenomenal artists sing and worship with us. Brava!

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