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2024 “Buy a Day of Services” at Grassroots

Supporting local crisis intervention services on the anniversary of a First Pres crisis 130 years ago

For the past several years our church has donated to the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center “Buy a Day of Services” program. Grassroots is the 24/7 single point access for behavioral health, crisis and homeless services for individuals and families in Howard County.


The date we’ve chosen to “Buy” for the past three years is April 24 because on April 24, 1894 the First Presbyterian Church of Ellicott City (precursor to the First Presbyterian Church of Howard County) experienced a crisis when the front of the building collapsed as a result of work being done to expand the foundation. No one was hurt but the building was largely destroyed. It was rebuilt with assistance from local churches and individuals, reminding us that when a crisis occurs, community involvement and support can have a lasting impact.   A report on the services provided by Grassroots on April 24, 2024 will be shared when it’s available.   To learn more about the Grassroots programs, please visit their website,

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