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Sharing ourselves in love and service

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El cuidado congregacional incluye actividades que apoyan la vida de los miembros.

de la familia de la Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana. Compartirnos en amor y cuidado unos por otros encarna la compasión de Cristo por cada uno de nosotros.

Activities that we do to care for the congregation include:

  • Providing transportation as needed

  • Visiting members in times of need or crisis

  • Flower delivery most weeks to a congregant who needs extra support, and poinsettias at Christmas and lilies at Easter for those facing challenges

  • Sending cards to encourage one another

  • Providing meals to those who need support through or after a difficult event

  • Supporting other special requests as they occur (for example funerals or memorial services)

  • Offering home communion

  • Pastoral care in times of need or crisis

Care for our extended church family and community is an essential part of our love and care for one another.

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