Guatemala Scholarship Program

Once again, members and friends of our church gave their heartfelt support to the Guatemala Scholarshp Program. We will be sending 82 young people to middle or high school in the 2018 Guatemalan school, which begins in January.

Each fall, we begin raising funds for the next year with the hope that we will be able to continue to support every student already enrolled in the program, and also replace each of last year’s graduates with a new student.

As our students continue on with their studies, we hope that each donor will take pleasure in knowing that their scholarship gift has enriched the life of young person and their family. Thank you for sharing your gifts. Praise God for opening your hearts to this global program. And special thanks to the Chancel Choir, which has selected this mission as a special project.

One student, Hilmy, expresssed her thanks this way, “Thank you for the support you have given me. This support for me is a blessing from God. Thank you and I will never forget this and will always keep it in my heart.”

One of the highlights of the annual mission trip to Guatemala is the morning we meet all the scholarship students and their families. To see their faces and hear their words of greeting is an inspiration to all.

– The Guatemala Partnership Team