Earth Forum

The Earth Forum of Howard County calls together environmental groups, faith communities, and government agencies for civil discussion to address climate change, promote sustainable living and develop communities of cooperation through education, ideas and actions to touch hearts for the majesty of Creation.

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Here are the most recent articles and resources related to the Earth Forum and the ideas and presentations heard there.

Earth Forum January 13, 2019

WEATHER CANCELLATION – This program is rescheduled for February Earth Forum – Sunday, January 13, 2019 – 2:00 pm. SPEAKING OUT FOR CREATION: MARYLAND STATE LEGISLATIVE BRIEFING AND TRAINING Keynote Speaker Delegate Eric Ebersole, State Delegate for Maryland’s 12th Legislative District.

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Earth Forum November 18, 2018

Earth Forum – Sunday, March 19, 2017 – 2:00 pm. MAKING A BETTER FUTURE IN THE AGE OF HUMANS Presenter: Professor Erle C. Ellis, Geography and Environmental Systems, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Dr. Ellis is the author of The Anthropecene: A Very Short Introduction. (Oxford Press, 2016)

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Following the River

What can be better than going outdoors, enjoying the unfolding beauty and newness of nature this spring and digging in the earth? The Earth Forum is going outside and would love for you to come along. We will help you do it. The Earth Forum has a brand new project, “Following the River from Howard…

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