Blue Christmas

A Service of Hope and Prayer for Healing and Peace

Sunday, December 22 at 5:00 p.m.

For many people, this year has been a year of grieving and loss. Perhaps there is an empty chair at the table, a difficult diagnosis, a broken relationship, a child in trouble … a load that is heavy and hard to bear.

For many, events within our nations and around the world trouble us. This fall has been stressful for those who work for the federal government. Perhaps we work with colleagues in other nations under stress, or we must give our attention to difficult and terrible situations around the globe. Many in our congregation must bear this burden quietly.

Our traditional Blue Christmas service is moving a little closer to Christmas Day this year. We invite everyone to come together in the hope of Jesus Christ, to pray for the mending of our selves, our neighbors, our work colleagues, our friends, and our world. The service is a time of sharing in hope. We sing, listen to scripture, and share silent reflection. There is time for us to grieve our personal losses. And there is a place for those who come to grieve and pray for the peace of thw world.

Following the service, we gather for a warm supper and conversation in Lyle Buck Hall. Please come and join us! If you know someone who has experienced a loss this past year, someone whose life has been stressful, or someonw who carries a quiet burden, please encourage them to come with you.