Our Money Story: Our One Story in 2021

Weekly Journals

Each week you’ve received an email with a PDF journal focused on the week’s theme. You can find all the PDFs here, gathered for convenience.


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2021 Commitment Form

This year, please use this commitment form in place of the paper forms we have used in years before.

Return your form to the church by mail or letter drop, or email it to 2021commitment@firstpreshc.org. Thank you for your commitment to the Mission and Ministry Fund!

First Presbyterian Church of Howard Country
9325 Presbyterian Circle
Columbia, Maryland 21045

Sunday, October 17Greatest Of All Themes Kick-off

Sunday, November 14 – Thank and Tell Sunday

OCTOBER 11 — It’s the time of year for our church’s Annual Response Program (ARP) – our focus on raising commitments from all the members and friends of First Presbyterian Church to fund the mission and ministry of our congregation in 2021. Salaries. Utilities. Resources and materials. Mission. Nearly everything.

Your gift to the church’s Mission and Ministry Fund is essential. Your commitment enables us to count on having the resources to be the creative, faithful, innovative church we know we are and can be in 2021.

This year will look and feel different from our usual ARP season – because everything looks and feels different in this year of Covid-19. You won’t receive a printed program packet this year, and you also will not receive a hard paper Estimate of Giving card. You will receive materials throughout the ARP season via email, and you will be invited to return your Electronic-Estimate of Giving Card to the financial secretaries via email as well.

As you can see, it’s important that you share your current, accurate email address with the church, so that you can be part of all the worship, mission and fellowship of your congregation. We’ll also put a link to all the ARP materials on the church’s website.

Money has certainly been on the minds of many households during the pandemic months. We’ve had to re-evaluate how we spend it, how we use it, how to do the most good with it. The church is no exception. With some help from the creative liturgical artists, A Sanctified Art, we’re going to take time this season to reframe how we talk about money. Because, let’s admit it – talking about money can be awkward and stressful, and we try to avoid it.

Each week in worship, Morton and Sue will invite you to reflect on a theme of the week, as we remember, release, reimagine and restore the way we think about money – which we hope will give us some insight into how we think about ourselves and our world. And following worship every week you’ll receive some journal pages in your email to prompt you to remember, release, reimagine and restore your story. We’ll also place a link on the website where you can pick up materials. There will be several online opportunities for you to join with others to share your thoughts. Together, we want to write the one story that God is yearning for us to realize. Because even in the midst of a pandemic, when we aren’t able to safely gather as a community for worship, service and sharing, God has work for us to do!

Thank you for your commitment to the 2021 Mission and Ministry Fund of First Presbyterian Church of Howard County.