REIMAGINE – Our Money Story, Our One Story

Week Three Journal – REIMAGINE – Our Money Story, Our One Story
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Week Three Journal – REIMAGINE – This PDF file is the fourth of the weekly Journals which you received in the weekly emails. They will all be gathered here as a convenient way to locate them. Each week in worship, Morton and Sue will invite you to reflect on a theme of the week, as we remember, release, reimagine and restore the way we think about money – which we hope will give us some insight into how we think about ourselves and our world.

In worship this week on Sunday, we considered God’s call to REIMAGINE how the world works in every generation – to imagine how we might provide enough for all in a culture that encourages us to take care of only our selves.

The Week Three Journal invites us to take a deeper dive into the week’s texts: God’s commandment to leave some of the harvest in the field for the poor; God’s provision for a economic reset every fifty years; and Jesus’ observation of a poor widow, whose action (however faithful) illustrates the systemic injustice of human society.

As we’ve moved through our Response Season, we’ve remembered the work of God in our lives, and been invited to release the grip of unhelpful ideas and practices  about money. Now it’s time to reimagine our giving and receiving in light of God’s profound provision for us and for the world.

If you haven’t looked at the Journal yet – I invite you to take a look at either the Journaling Prompts, or the Prompts for Reflection that flow from the Leviticus text. “How could you leave the edge of your own harvest and resources to share with the poor and the immigrant?“  I might add: Where is the edge of your resources? And what kind of fear do you need to release as you discern that edge?

At the bottom of this page is a link to the 2021 Commitment Form. It’s a fillable form, so you can fill it out, save it, and email it to our Pledge Secretary, Ed Blacka, at Or you can print it and mail it to the church office.

You can save these files in a folder on your desktop. You might call it My Money Story. Week by week as each of us considers how our ideas about money shape how we use it, hoard it, offer it, spend it or avoid it – your reflections are a piece of our congregation’s money story.

Thanks for adding your chapter!

Peace be with you!
Pastor Sue

Together, we are writing the one story that God is yearning for us to realize. Thank you for your commitment to the 2021 Mission and Ministry Fund of First Presbyterian Church of Howard County.

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2021 Commitment Form

This year, please use this commitment form in place of the paper forms we have used in years before.

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