2020 Year-End Giving Letter

From the Session and Pastors of the Church

December 18, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

What a difference a year makes! The earth has gone around the sun only once more, and yet it seems that our lives have been through dozens of cycles! Despite this eventful year, and even perhaps because of it, we hope you are able to look back and find places of thanksgiving and wonder.

As we open the pages of 2021, perhaps you’ll discover you’ve been even more blessed than expected, and that you would like to make a charitable gift before December 31. Why not give thanks with a year-end gift to the work of Christ through your church?

  • You could make certain your pledge for the current year is up-to-date and paid by the end of year. Gifts in January for this year’s pledge must wait for next year’s tax return. If need be, you can drop off checks in the “Letter Drop” of the church Bell Tower up to midnight of December 31.
  • You could give an extra gift to help build the church resources, to pay the general bills, or to help with the mortgage. Contributions for the Building Fund this year were greatly reduced, for example, since no one could use the pew envelopes. Just indicate your intended purpose in the memo line of your check, or in the “notes” area of PayPal.
  • You could make sure you’ve turned in your “2021 Commitment Form.” The Forms  received for 2021 are currently over $100,000 less than the total received for 2020. This could pose significant problems for the coming year’s budget plans.

In some congregations, the contributions of just a few families make all the difference in meeting the church’s obligations. In our congregation, however, the giving is much more evenly distributed – everyone’s contribution matters very much!

We are deeply grateful for you – for your committed support though your giving, your prayers, your time, and for your steadfast persistence during the pandemic. The times are troubling and dangerous, yet the congregation continues to help others and to maintain worship in Christ’s name. Thank you for your generous support now and all through the year. It makes a big difference!